Running Blade

Welcome to the world of high performance prosthetics Nya Blaze utan logo
where flexibility rules. The new Running Blade is the
most responsive prosthetic foot available that’s ready
to tackle any running pursuit. As the first running blade
to offer multi-axial function with a patent-pending
design, the Running Blade provides unparalleled
inversion/eversion compared to conventional blades,
allowing smooth cornering performance
and running over uneven terrain.

The large C-curve pylon transitions into a split-toe forefoot
with a compound curved forefoot which creates a very dynamic
feel, while maintaining late stance energy return. The running
sole enhances ground compliance with an elastomeric web that
spans the two composite forks. Whether amputees are out for a
long distance run, a light jog around the park, or a sprint on the
track team, the new Running Blade foot from Fillauer gives them
the flexibility to propel through any running activity.



-   Weight limit:330 lbs. (150 kg)
-   Product weight: 24 oz. (675 g)
-   Size: One size
-   Build height: 10.5 in. (267 mm)
-   Patients weighing up to 150 kg

PRODUCT FEATURES                  

-    Split .blade design 
-    Improves cornering performance and trail running new blaze comparison
-    Dynamic, carbon composite design 
-    Durable tire -grade tread 




-    12 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial


Product information


-    Patient weight: up to 150 kg
-    Build height: 267 mm
-    Foot sizes: One size
-    Attachment: Modular male pyramid
-    Durable: meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial




ORDERING INFORMATION: Includes foot and instruction manual


Product Number 

176-110-X: Running Blade, with Ti Pyramid 

174-120-X: Runnng Blade, with Posterior Mount (PM), Pediatric

174-110-X: Running Blade, with Posterior Mount (PM), Adult

180-10-2010: Running Blade Posterior Mount Bracket 

To order: replace X with correct stiffness from table 

F Orderinfo Blaze new



F orderinfo replacement


PRODUCT MANUAL:  pdfPosterior Mounting Bracket Instructions.pdf

PRODUCT MANUAL:   pdfRunning Blade standard.pdf

PRODUCT MANUAL:   pdfRunning Blade PM.pdf


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