Blaze is the most responsive prosthetic foot available that’sNya Blaze utan logo
ready to tackle any running pursuit. As the first running blade
to offermulti-axial function with a patent-pending design, the
Blaze provides unparalleled inversion/eversion compared to 
conventional blades, allowing smooth cornering performance
and running over uneven terrain. The large C-curve pylon
transitions into a split-toe forefoot with a compound curved
forefoot which creates a verydynamic feel, while maintaining
late stance energy return. The runningsole enhances ground
compliance with an elastomericweb that spans the two
composite forks.



-   Weight limit:330 lbs. (150 kg)
-   Product weight: 24 oz. (675 g)
-   Size: One size
-   Build height: 10.5 in. (267 mm)
-   Patients weighing up to 150 kg

PRODUCT FEATURES                  

-    Split .blade design 
-    Improves cornering performance and trail running new blaze comparison
-    Dynamic, carbon composite design 
-    Durable tire -grade tread 




-    12 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial


Product information


-    Patient weight: up to 150 kg
-    Build height: 267 mm
-    Foot sizes: One size
-    Attachment: Modular male pyramid
-    Durable: meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial




ORDERING INFORMATION: Includes foot and instruction manual


Product Number 

176-110-X: Blaze foot, with Ti Pyramid 

174-120-X: Blaze foot, with Posterior Mount (PM), Pediatric

174-110-X: Blaze foot, with Posterior Mount (PM), Adult

180-10-2010: Blaze Posterior Mount Bracket 

To order: replace X with correct stiffness from table 

F Orderinfo Blaze new



F orderinfo replacement


PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfBlaze.pdf

PRODUCT MANUAL:  pdfBlaze standard.pdf

PRODUCT MANUAL:  pdfBlaze PM.pdf


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