Intelligent Knee 4-bar

Intelligent knee-4 barThe Intelligent Knee 4-bar is a high-tech microprocessor controlled knee joint for the active patient. Simple programming allows instant adjustments to actual walking. With a sturdy carbon fiber frame and an efficient design, it requires less maintenance and requires less energy consumption from the wearer. Its 4-bar design also affords a natural appearance when the wearer is in a sitting position.


-    Activity level: moderate to high activity users
-    Transfemoral and knee-disarticulated amputees
-    Less energy consumption for the wearer and less maintenance


-    Microprocessor controlled knee joint for the active patient 
-    Instant adjustment to actual walking speed
-    Easy programming and adjustments   
-    Specially manufactured based on demands from the Scandinavian market    
-    Increased stability for long time users


-    24 month warranty


 Product information



-    Patient weight: up to 100 kg
-    Weight: 1097 g
-    System height: 267 mm
-    Maximum flexion: 160°
-    Pylon size: 30 mm
-    Durable meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty


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PRODUCT SHEET: pdfIntelligent Knee 4-Bar.pdf

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