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In 1914, George Fillauer Sr. founded the Red Star Pharmacy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1934, his son and fellow CPO, Carlton Fillauer expanded his father's business to establish Fillauer Orthopedic as an innovator in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Today, the Fillauer Companies are headed by Karl Fillauer as Chairman and his son Michael as the CEO, since their inception, the Fillauer Companies have always been headed by CPO's, and have grown to be a globally renowned leader in the development, manufacturing, distribution and application of orthotic and prosthetic products.

The expansion has mainly taken place by acquisitions of smaller manufacturing companies with a unique profile. Over the years we had become nine companies under the Fillauer umbrella and during the 100 year celebration in 2014 a decision was taken on how the company would be steered into the next century. Therefore a consolidation took place in 2015 where all the companies became Fillauer.

Fillauer Europe was founded as Centri in 1948. Located just outside Stockholm, Sweden, Centri joined the Fillauer Companies 2002. While Centri maintained the close, cooperative relationships it traditionally had with prosthetists in Scandinavia, as Fillauer Europe it has now become the European headquarters of Fillauer. With its extensive portfolio of products, Fillauer Europe is committed to working with prosthetists both in Europe, but also in other regions of the world in order to create only the best solutions for patients with all manner of prosthetic and orthotic needs. In addition, Fillauer Europe plays a lead Research & Development role within Fillauer. Fillauer Europe's products include upper and lower extremitiy prosthetics and the Dynamic Walk which has catapulted us to the forefront of the drop foot orthotics market. Our R&D department also works in partnership with many of Sweden's leading hospitals to develop innovative and high-tech machinery.



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