K2 Foot


The K2 Foot is engineered from the ground up for the functional level 2 patient. This functional level patient walks with a different gait pattern, not just a slower gait and they need different dynamics engineered into a foot. Patient testing shows K2 level patients walk with a more controlled gait pattern and need more stability at midstance. With this in mind, we engineered the K2 Foot with a unique flexible keel design to provide better control and stability. The K2 Foot’s design provides not only inversion/ eversion, but also A/P compliance during stance with its split toe and flexible keel design. The result is a foot that moves easily from heel strike through midstance and provides stability during stance phase. When the patient is ready to go, so is the K2 Foot with a compliant forefoot that loads easily and provides support through toe off. 


-    Low activity level community ambulators
-    TT or TF amputees
-    Unilateral or bilateral patients
-    Patients that would benefit from increased flexibility and smooth roll-over
-    Patients weight: Up to 166 Kg


-    Specifically engineered for K2 patients 
-    Unique flexible keel/ multi-axis design
-    Flexible, impact reducing design
-    Roll-Over Shape (ROS) designed for a natural gait
-    Compliant dynamics for comfort and stability
-    PU heel and toe cap for enhanced foot shell interface
-    Maintenance-free design
-    Foot comes as a kit assembled with foot shell
-    Foot also availible separately


-    24 month warranty/ 60 day patient trial


Product information



-    Patient weight: up to 166 kg
-    Heel height: 10 mm
-    Foot sizes: 22 - 30 cm
-    Attachment: Modular male pyramid
-    Durable: meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial

Build height taken with foot shell from floor to mid dome of pyramid.
Weight taken without foot shell.

F Build heights Aeris K2


ORDERING INFORMATION: Kit. (Includes foot, spectralon sock, foot shell and instruction manual)

1. Choose color  of the foot shell 

2. Choose left or right 

3. Replace XX-X with the correct length and weights details from the table below

Orderinformation k2 foot NY


Order info K2
ORDERING INFORMATION: Without kit (Includes foot, spectralon sock and instruction manual.)
-    13410-XX-X (XX-X is the code above. Select foot based on patient's weight and foot size.
-    Foot shell sold separately


Shell selection requires left or right designation and foot size.
Product number: 45-XX-13-XX-3 - Left
Product number: 46-XX-13-XX-3 - Right
(XX-XX is the code below. Select foot shell based on foot size and color of chosing.)

foot shells

f Order info Foot Shell


F Order info Spectalon Sock notableSpectralon Sock


PRODUCT SHEET: pdfK2 Foot.pdf

MANUAL:pdfK2 Foot

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