Element DS

Element-DS-BlackElement sets itself apart from double spring prosthetic foot designs by adding an innovative third Element. Fillauer has designed the Element to support each of the three phases of foot function in the gait cycle - from heel strike, to mid-stance, to toe off. The result is a foot with unsurpassed smoothness, stability and performance throughout the gait cycle. Adding the Dura Shock increases the vertical shock absorption and adds to the multi-axial rotation. The elastomers and the carbon components work together to absorb, store and return energy in vertical and horizontal planes. The result is a foot system that provides a high level function and requires only 158 mm of clearance. If your patient is much more active than average or is lifting heavy loads as part of a daily routine, then going up one weight category is advised.


-    Moderate to high activity users
-    Activity level: 2 - 4
-    Unilateral or bilateral patients
-    BK or AK amputees
-    Patients benefit from increased flexibility and smooth rollover


-    Unique three element design
-    Smooth rollover and superior stability
-    Adjustable heel wedge for fine tuning heel stiffness
-    Innovative Micro-Slice technology for multi-axial performance
-    Vertical shock
-    60° of axial rotation
-    Maintenance free design


-    36 month warranty/ 60 day patient trial

US Patent No. 9,001,554



Product information



-    Patient weight: up to 125 kg
-    Heel height: 10 mm
-    Durable: meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    36 month warranty/ 30 day patient trial

Build height taken with foot shell from floor to mid dome of pyramid.
Weight taken without foot shell.

Build heights ElementDS


-    10510-XX-XXXX (XX-XXXX is the code below. Select foot based on patient's weight and foot size.)
-    Element DS foot system includes foot, elastomer heel wedge, spectra sock, instruction manual and Dura Shock.
-    Foot shell sold separately.

f order info element DS
* Contact your distributor for recommendations


Shell selection requires left or right designation and foot size.
Product number: 45-XX-13-XX-3 - Left
Product number: 46-XX-13-XX-3 - Right
(XX-XX is the code below. Select foot shell based on foot size and color of chosing.)

foot shells

f Order info Foot Shell


F Order info Spectalon Sock notableSpectralon Sock

F Order info Rubber band Heel pad


PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfElement DS.pdf

MANUAL:  pdfElement DS.pdf

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