Motion Foot MX

Motion-Foot-NewThe Motion Foot MX is our improved version of the Motion Foot. With its hydraulic ankle system, natural range of ankle movement and the multi-axial foot plate, it automatically adjusts to slopes, uneven terrain, various heel heights and sitting with feet flat. The Motion Foot MX has an independent adjustment for plantarflexion resistance and dorsiflexion resistance. Fully adjustable for nearly all levels of activity, the manual lock prevents unwanted movement in situations like driving, climbing ladders or putting on shoes. Total range of motion - 50º.


-    Low to high activity users
-    Activity level: 2 - 4
-    Especially effective for amputees with limbs sensitive to shock or
     socket pressure, since the ankle significantly relieves the pressure at heel strike


-    Multi-axial foot plate with split toe for excellent inversion/ eversion on varied terrain
-    Unique heel design fo greater shock absorption
-    Keel design allows ultra-smooth transition from heel strike to toe off
-    Separate plantarflexion and dorsiflexion resistance adjustments
     make it suitable for different weights and different activity levels
-    50° of rotary hydraulic plantarflexion
-    Foot remains flat on the ground while sitting, standing and walking
-    Manual lock for driving, donning shoes and socks, etc.


-    24 month warranty/ 60 day patient trial


Product information



-    Patient weight: up to 100 kg
-    Heel height: 10 - 40 mm
-    Durable: meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty/ 60 day patient trial

Build height taken with foot shell from floor to mid dome of pyramid.
Weight taken without foot shell.

f build heights motion


-    Select foot based on patient's weight and foot size.
-    Motion Foot system includes foot, tool kit, spectra sock, and instruction manual.
-    Foot shell sold separately.

f order info Motion FootMX
* For high activity users


Shell selection requires left or right designation and foot size.
Product number: 45-XX-13-XX-3 - Left
Product number: 46-XX-13-XX-3 - Right
(XX-XX is the code below. Select foot shell based on foot size and color of chosing.)

foot shells

f Order info Foot Shell


PRODUCT SHEET: pdfMotion Foot MX.pdf

MANUAL: pdfMotion Foot MX.pdf


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