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The AllPro foot from Fillauer crosses all boundaries, combining high flexibility and dynamic performance into a foot that allows the user to work and play like a pro. Whether walking on a flat surface or traversing steep hills, the AllPro performs to meet the amputee´s multiaxial needs. If exercise or sports are on the activity list, this "do-it-all" foot easily transitions from the gym to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the football field.



-    Moderate to very high activity TT or TF amputees as defined by
      functional K3 - K4 levels
-    Unilateral or bilateral patients
-    Patients that would benefit from greater energy return and faster
     cadence speed
-    Patients weighing up to 150 kg


-    Industry-leading flexibility provides excellent plantar and
-    Carbon composite design for dynamic response
-    Rocker Toe for easy and smooth roll-over
-    Multiaxial function
-    RPI pyramid adapter allows prosthetist to optimize alignment and performance for adult TT and TF amputees.*
-    Adjustable heel bumpers

*Available on adult AllPro feet only


-    24 month warranty/ 60 day patient trial

The AllPro Foot System has been designed and manufactured for specific patient weights. Failure to follow the weight guidlines and/ or overload conditions caused by the patient, such as heavy lifting, high impact sports or abusive activities that would otherwise damage the natural limb, may void the warranty.



Product information



AllPro Height Comparison-    Patient weight: up to 150 kg
-    Foot weight: 450 g
-    Build height: 15.2, 20.3, 25.4 and 30.5 cm
-    Foot sizes for 15.2 & 20.3 cm pylon: 19 - 30 cm
-    Foot sizes for 25.4 & 30.5 cm pylon: 22 - 30 cm
-    Functional level: K3 - K4


-    137-106-XX-XX AllPro Foot, 6 in. pylon
-    137-108-XX-XX AllPro Foot, 8 in. pylon
-    137-110-XX-XX AllPro Foot, 10 in. pylon
-    137-112-XX-XX AllPro Foot, 12 in. pylon
     (XX-XX is the code below, select foot based on patient's weight and foot size.)

Areas in purple are available in 6 and 8 in. pylon version only.
Sizes 19 - 21 cm are assembled with a pediatric, titanium pyramid that
is compatble with standard 22 mm pylons and have a sandal toe

Allpro Update


 Pediatric Direct Mount

Allpro Pediatric


Shell selection requires left or right designation and foot size.
Product number: 45-XX-13-XX-3 - Left
Product number: 46-XX-13-XX-3 - Right
(XX-XX is the code below. Select foot shell based on foot size and color of chosing.)

foot shells

f Order info Foot Shell


F Order info Spectalon Sock notableSpectralon Sock


PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfAllPro.pdf

MANUAL:  pdfAllPro.pdf

RPI BONDING: pdf AllPro 6 in. RPI Bonding.pdf

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