Tech Station



Tech Station


The Trautman Tech Station is a state‑of‑the‑art modular, multipurpose workstation meant to increase productivity and maximize workspace.The workstation’s small footprint, 360-degree rotation, and easy adjustments make it a great addition for any O&P facility. The base unit can be modified with various attachments and accessories to assist in lamination, modification, thermoplastic drape forming or blister forming,
and transferring.

Trautman Tech Stationny


-    State-of-the-art modular, multipurpose workstation
-    Small footprint maximizes workspace
-    360-degree rotation with easy adjustments
Base unit can be modified with various attachments and accessories for 
     custom needs



-    Height: 180 cm    
-    Width: 94 cm    
-    Depth: 91 cm    
-    Shipping Weight: 86 kg


-    12 month warranty

Orderinformaion Trautman Tech Station







Orderinformation Trautman Tech Pipe Vise Tech pipe vise

 Shipping weight: 4 kg 


orderinformation Drape Forming pipeTech Drape

 Shipping weight: 5 kg


Orderinfo Pipe Vise Drop HitchTech Pipe Drop

 Shipping weight: 6 kg


orderinfo Trautman Platen   Tech LJny        

 Shipping weight: 5 kg


orderifo Tech LJTech LJ

 Shipping weight: 5 kg



Orderinfo techcarverTech carver attachment

Shipping weight: 3 kg  
Carver sold separately                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Product Sheet


PRODUCT SHEET:    pdfTech Station.pdf