Dynamic Walk

The Dynamic Walk is a revolutionary orthosis recommended for patients with foot drop. Its unique design provides stable free movement and constant lifting of the foot. The open heel construction allows for natural and comfortable foot movement. With Dynamic Walk, patients can enjoy everyday activities like walking on flat surfaces, uphill or downhill, going up or down stairs, running and even driving. It is easy to put on, offers maximum performance and fits into normal shoes. The unique, lightweight design combines strength with simple and secure application 

The Dynamic Walk is made of Comfil Thermoformable Composite material. The Comfil material combines the high localized strength of carbon composite with the modeling properties of thermoplastics. This allows the practitioner the opportunity to adjust the orthosis to the patient´s needs by simply using a heat gun and pressure

Dynamic Walk is available in several different setups and can furthermore easily be customized

Standard - one PEEK rod on both sides of the orthosis
Wide Ankle - standard design but greater distance in between PEEK rods  
Single Side - both PEEK rods on either medial or lateral
Double-Double - Double PEEK rods on both the medial and lateral side of the orthosis 
Mix & Match - different sizes on foot plate and calf band
Custom Calf Height or  Foot Length - offering further customisation outside "off the shelf" sizes 
Custom Made - individual designs laminated on plaster

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