Providence Night Time Brace


The Providence Night time Brace is a revolutionary spinal orthosis for young patients with a proven record of results of all curve types: lumbar, thoracic, double major and thoracolumbar. This orthosis is suited for neurologically involved-, idiopathic adolescents and juvenile scoliosis patients as well as obese patients. Because of the nocturnal design, it is able to address an apex of Th6 and levels above Th6 can be treated with a neck extension attached to the orthosis. Patients love it because it works via night time usage which allows them freedom to dress and live as they wish during the day.


 -   Curves between L1 - Th6, curves above Th6 can be treated with additional neck extension
-    Double major curves
-    3D - curves
-    Neurologically involved patients
-    Idiopathic adolescents and juvenile scoliosis patients


-    Nighttime use only
-    Controls both directly lateral and rotational forces
-    Controls double curves
-    Overcorrective
-    Current X-rays are necessary to confirm and provide a positive outcome.  
-    For available transfer paper please see: 


-    12 month warranty

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