Abduction Orthoses

Fillauer produces five different Abduction Orthoses: Our standard Abduction Orthosis, the A-Frame Orthosis, the COD SU*PER 3D, the Scottish Rite Kit and the Anti Adduction Orthosis (AAO).



Abduction Orthosis


Abduction Orthosis1PRODUCT FEATURES

-    Universal positioning of cuffs
-    Spreader bar adjustable


-    12 month warranty

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A-Frame Orthosis



-    For correction of rotational and angular deformities of the lower


-    12 month warranty

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Scottish Rite Kit



-    Hip abduction spreader bar kit (thigh cuffs not included)


-    12 month warranty

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AAO Anti-Adduction Orthosis


This orthosis is needed by patients with low grade cerebral palsy typically present with over active hip adductors due to the muscle imbalance caused by upper motor neuron lesion causing weakness in the hip abductors. This imbalance adversely affects gait by causing the lower limb to adduct as the patient attempts to advance the lower limb. The limb over adducts or ”siccors” in front of the patient making advancement in the line of progression difficult.
In standing the patient maintains coronal stability biomechanically by creating a tripod presentation of the feet in a wide base of support and the knees locked in genu valgum. The overactive adductors find sympathetic resistance with each other at the knees and are used to statically lock the patient. This equilibrium is disruped as the patient attempts to advance the lower limb since the sympathetic relationship between the knees and the wide base of the support of the feet is lost. Another issue is the high incident rate of spastic hip dislocation caused by the excessive tightness of the hip adductors. As a result these patients which otherwise have moderate coronal plane stability cannot ambulate independently.


Abduction OrthosisPRODUCT FEATURES

-    Measure circumference 5 cm above knee center for appropriate
     cuff size
-    Aluminum joint with stainless steel adjustment sliders
-    Cuffs are 4 mm co-polymer with C-fold straps
-    Silicone medial condylar wedges are included for the comfort
     of the child
-    Prevents scissoring during gait
-    Trochanteric angle aids forward progression


-    12 month warranty

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