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Dream Skin

Dream Skin

With the DreamSkin Natural Definition we take the prosthetic cosmetic cover to the next level. Using a dual layer PVC with added fibers and airbrush technique the DreamSkin will show a deeper definition and a more natural look. Available in a red and yellow scale with eight colors in each scale, the DreamSkin will come in 16 colors covering most skin tones. The DreamSkin Natural Definition is treated with a Micro Coated surface making it more durable and stain resistant compared to other skins. Making sure we take our responsibility towards the environment and a sustainable future, the PVC used is free from all heavy metals and phthalates which gives you a skin friendly and fully recyclable product



-    Good cosmetic definition
-    Durable
-    Good tear resistance
-    Low fabric friction
-    Dirt and stain resistant
-    Water resistant
-    Available in 16 different skin colors (use Natural Definition color guide)
-    Dream Skin is delivered expanded for easy donning
-    Dream Skin combined with Absolute Suspension Sleeve
     will give you a perfect solution for shower and bath


-    6 month warranty


Product information



StandardFNY measurement chart dream skin standard

Split toeFny measurement chart dream skin split


PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfDream Skin.pdf

MANUAL:  pdfDream Skin Fabrication.pdf