Hybrid Knee

Hybrid kneeThe Hybrid Knee is a high-tech microprocessor controlled, hydraulic assist knee joint. By combining microprocessor and hydraulic technology in one knee, the Hybrid Knee offers improved performance in many facets of normal usage. Its advanced MRS system gives amputees an extra level of confidence in walking slopes and descending stairs.


-    Users with the  ability or potential to alternate their feet when descending
     ramps or stairs and vary their cadence
-    Activity level: moderate to high activity users
-    Transfemoral amputees


-    Less energy consumption for the wearer and less maintenance
-    Stance phase by hydraulic rotational damper
-    Swing phase controlled by intelligent pneumatic cylinder
-    Microprocessor controlled pneumatic cylinder - responds to varied cadence
-    MRS system turns the yielding on and off
-    High stability (dynamic stabilization)
-    Enables wearer to descend stairs/ ramp
-    Adjustable damping force
-    Wide cadence response by a microprocessor
-    Hydraulic rotary damper
-    Switching valve
-    Mechanism of reaction-force sensing system (MRS)
-    Material: aluminum with carbon frame


-    24 month warranty

 Product information


hybrid spec-    Patient weight: up to 125 kg
-    Weight: 1290 g
-    System height (A): 285 mm
-    Proximal height (B): 51 mm
-    Maximum flexion: 140°
-    Pylon size: 30 mm
-    Durable meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty


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PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfHybrid Knee.pdf

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