Intelligent Knee Single Axis

Intelligent knee single axsisThe Intelligent Knee Single Axis is a high-tech microprocessor controlled knee joint for the active patient. Easy programming allows instant adjustments to actual walking speeds combined with improved braking action. Its simple, efficient design requires less maintenance and requires less energy consumption by the wearer. With a carbon fiber frame and titanium braking block, it offers increased stability and durability for long-time users.


-    Activity level: moderate to high activity users    
-    Transfemoral amputees
-    Less energy consumption for the wearer and less maintenance


-    Microprocessor controlled knee joint for the active patient    
-    Instant adjustment to actual walking speed
-    Easy programming and adjustments
-    Carbon fiber frame with high precision
-    The breaking block is made of titanium
-    Improved breaking action
-    Long battery life
-    Material: aluminum with carbon fiber frame


-    24 month warranty

 Product information



-    Patient weight: up to 100 kg
-    Weight: 1040 g
-    System height: 284 mm
-    Proximal height: 38 mm
-    Maximum flexion: 160°
-    Pylon size: 30 mm
-    Durable meets ISO - 22675 standard
-    24 month warranty


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