Mountain Bike Master


Mountain-Bike-MasterPRODUCT FEATURES

-    Flexible, strong polyurethane terminal device body shock
-    Stainless steel ball-pedestal mount with machined aluminum
     mounting hub
-    Fits all standard 7/8 inch diam (~22 mm) bars
-    Snap-On and lift-Off funktion 
-    Rider controlled quick connect and release system (TD is not locked
     to handlebars)
-    Excellent stability and secure control over handlebars
-    Passive contoured features provide bike frame carrying capability



-    Lenght: 10,7 cm
-    Widht: 6,1 cm
-    Height: 8,4 cm
-    Weight: 270 g
-    Color: Black & Colors (Extra cost)



-    12 month warranty


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PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfFunctional Devices Accessories.pdf



Criterium, Wedge & Pivot bicycle handlebar adapters



Handlebar adaptersPRODUCT FEATURES

-    Flexible, durable polymer design does not use a cable
-    All models snap on and off 25,4 mm diameter bicycle
-    All models except Pivot available in either of two hardness
     70 and 85 (70 or 85 references the hardness or "durometer"
     of the polymer material)
-    The 70 model is softer, more flexible and forgiving than 85
-    The 70 is suggested for beginners and easy street riding  
-    T
he 85 for more rigorous challenging rides 
-    Criterium is not recommended for aggressive or competitive
     mountain bike riding
-    Offset centerline duplicates normal hand position
-    Mounting: 1/2”-20 diameter, threaded stud
-    Handlebars can be taped with various materials to change the friction
     and force required to engage and disengage the Criterium
-    All models fit right or left and equipped with a standard stainless steel,
     threaded coupler

CRITERIUM is the original, simplest version, easy on and off
-    Length: 8,6 cm
-    Width: 6,4 cm
-    Weight: 184 g

WEDGE allows for more elbow range of motion and "hand" angle on the handlebars,
yet it is still a simple one piece polymer construction
-    Length: 8,1 cm
-    Width: 6,1 cm
-    Weight: 156 g

PIVOT is two piece allowing for much greater range of motion and "hand" arm torque with
adjustable friction pivot mechanism...higher performance and more difficult to release from the bars
-    Length: 10,2 cm
-    Width: 6,4 cm
-    Weight: 213



-    12 month warranty


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- Kiddo comes in two versions “Soft” and “Firm”kiddo hemsida
- Is designed for children as young as three years old
- Older children use the Firm version
- Both are compact in length and have a built-in wrist pivot
   for greater versatility and control

Kiddo  Comes in two models (Soft and Firm) with different flexibilities
“Clasping Action” on the handlebars. Kids 3 years old and up.
Less than 3 inches long and light-weight, 6 oz. Black color. 
Fits both prostheses and prosthoses.
- Length: 7,4 cm 
- Width: 6,1 cm 
- Weight: 170 g


kiddo 2


Dual bike brake lever


dual bike brakePRODUCT FEATURES

-    One handed activation operates both front and rear brakes
-    BMX style lever
-    Mounts on right or left side of handlebars
-    Fits 22 mm diameter (standard diameter) mountain 
     bike handlebars
-    Single lever operates two cables
-    Cables are independently adjustable for tension
-    Compact lever and brake design
-    One size fits both child and adult hands
-    Simple installation

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PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfFunctional Devices Accessories.pdf