JAWS is a unique, heavy duty, voluntary opening (VO), terminal device-prehensor that can be operated with a
normal harness and cable system or JAWS can be used manually as a snap “on-off” gripper for controlling all
types of handles and objects. JAWS’s gripping force is controlled by a high tension spring that is capable of
being easily adjusted to four different levels of prehension (gripping force), using a self-locking shifting
Yoke-Lever. JAWS can also be mounted onto an “electric or myo” type prosthesis using a special myo to body
powered adapter, available from most prosthetic service providers-facilities.



-    Heavy Duty, VO, terminal device. Universal L & R
-    Shift lever for easy force adjustment by the user
-    4 levels of (gripping force) adjustment
-    Cable operated or manually operated
-    Snap On-Off feature, Never locks onto objects
-    Radial-Ulnar, friction-adjustable wrist pivot
-    Waterproof
-    Replaceable polyurethane gripping surface component


-    Length: 5,0in. (12,7 cm)
-    Width (max): 2,1 in. (5,3 cm)
-    Height (max) 3,9 in. (9,9 cm)
-    Weight: 15.5 oz. (440 gm)
-    Color: ALuminium & Black





Wrist Units: TRS OMEGA Friction-Disconnect wrist are totally compatible with Jaws.
Hosmer Friction and Disconnect wrists are also compatible. Avoid Economy wrist unit technology.


PRODUCT SHEET:  pdfJAWS Product Sheet.pdf

INSTRUCTION MANUAL:  pdfJAWS Instruction Manual.pdf