Fillauer has been a leader in prosthetics hooks for many years with our American partners. Hooks are both advanced and very common in the USA as they provide a high level of efficacy for upper body function in both work and recreation. Our hooks are forged and machined to exacting specifications and provide a high-degree of quality and performance.

Hooks are generally segmented according to three variables. The first is the material from which the hook is made, the second is the covering used to give the hook its grip and the third is the hook shape.


Stainless Steel:
-    Heavier than aluminum and is customarily for heavy duty use
-    Rubber bands can be used in conjunction with steel springs for maximum prehension

-    60% lighter than stainless steel and adequate strength for light to medium use
-    A maximum of 5 rubber bands can be used for prehension

-    40% lighter than stainless steel and slightly stronger
-    Prehension


Plastisol coating:
Nontoxic plastisol is normally used on pediatric hook to provide protection for themselves and other children. Some adults also have their hooks coated to electrically insulate the device

Nitrile rubber lining:
Nitrile rubber provides a secure, non-marring, holding surface and resistant to most chemicals

Serrated surface:
A serrated surface allows for an extra secure hold suitable for heavy work

Ball bearings:
Most of our hooks are made with precise ball bearing races. This prevents play and gives the user the sensitive proprioception touch


Standard canted hooks
-    Models 5, 5X, 5XA, 5XTi, 8, 8X, 88X
-    Have canted tines for better visual feedback
-    The canted shape allows the user to pick up paper, coins and other small fine objects from the side with ease

Lyre shape finger hooks
-    Model 555 and 555-SS
-    Have symmetrical tines for cylindrical grasp on objects, such as bottles, cans and other round objects
-    The APRL and Sierra 2-load hooks have lyre shaped fingers and a special mechinism which eliminates the use
     of rubber bands while permitting preselection of pinc force

Work hooks
-    Model 3, 6, 7, 7LO
-    Have canted tynes to allow for a number of applications  
-    The variable openings between the fingers help accommmodate different shape diameter agricultural tools
-    All Centri work hooks have serrated fingers for a secure holding surface and tab as an additional holding surface
-    The tab used on models 6, 7 and 7LO have a nail slot for holding nails or wire and an extension designed for
     holding knives
-    The square cutout in the guard allows the user to hold square shanked tools such as a screwdriver
-    The model 6 has a back lock feature that prohibits involuntary opening. Ideal for repetitious functions requiring 
     less body effort, the user must activate the control cable to unlock the hook

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