MYO Electric Systems

Fillauer has an extensive assortment of MYO Electric prosthetic products which can be used in creating solutions for a vast array of patient needs. With our Hands, Hooks, Wrists and Elbows, we can create any sort of upper body prosthesis for men, women and children.

Fillauer produces all the products necessary for complete MYO Electric solutions and we produce components which can be used in conjunction with those of other manufacturers. These MYO Electric web pages are designed to be informative guides to our product offering in either case.

Creating a MYO Electric solution for a patient can require a variety of components. The Elbow and TD/ Wrist links on this website have been designed to make that process as straightforward for prosthetists as possible. To that end, our Elbow page contains a detailed chart that specifies the features and capabilities of each of our Elbow products. Our TD/ Wrist page contains a six step guide to assist prosthetists through the process of creating a custom MYO Electric prosthesis.


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