Gloves for Motion Control & Otto Bock Hands


Male-Female-Child-GlovePRODUCT FEATURES

-    MCV-Micro Coated Vinyl, the unique surface of micro coating
     gives low friction against clothing, resists marks cleans easily
-    Available in PVC for higher durability or silicone for more realistic
-    The gloves can be ordered expanded for easy application
-    Available in 18 color shades



-    6 month for PVC & 3 month for Silicone


CLEANING INSTRUCTION: pdfMCV Glove Care & Handling.pdf



Natural Definition Guide 

For your convenience we made the Natural Definition Guide to help determine which color to choose for your patient.
The Guide consists of two different scales, R and Y (Red and Yellow). Each one has 8 different colors to choose from to cover most skin tones.

Product number Glove                                                                                                                            Natural Definition

1 Replace YYYYY with the glove number from the table above

2 Replace XXX with the chosen color Y01-08 or R01-08
(Natural Definition Guide - 611220003)                                                                                                                                                                



Ordering information


Male glove F Order info Male Handd for MC OB
F Order info Male Glove for MC OB
F Measurement Chart for MC OB


Female glove F Order info Female Gloves for MC OB ny


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