ProHand Plus

ProHand plusMotion Control’s ProHand Plus is a high-strength, durable prosthetic hand that can be used with other manufacurers’ systems, or combined with our many wrist options. Its unique recalibration system allows user maximum control in easily resetting hand gains in seconds. High strength aluminum and optional steel fingers offer great strength, while Centri’s advanced cosmetic covers create a natural look.



-    Made of high-strength machined aluminum
-    AutoCal technology allows user to make adjustments throughout day via
-    Wide gripping fingers
-    High performance drive – even stiff silicone gloves can open
-    Onboard circuit for full-function usage with most manufacturers
-    Quick disconnect
-    Safety release
-    Water resistant
-    Centri gloves available


-    12 month warranty


To build a complete prosthetic using the Motion Control ProHand Plus, six components must be selected. Please see Order Info below for our easy step by step guide to those six components. While there are further components which might also be selected, six are required.

Required components to build a new Motion Control
ProHand Plus:

1.  Hand unit
2.  Wrist
3.  Socket attachment
4.  Preamp or other input
5.  Battery
6.  Computer interface


Required Motion Control components to build an
Otto Bock based system:

1.  Hand unit
2.  Wrist

These components are recommended but optional with an
Otto Bock based system:
-  T-cable
-  Computer interface



 Hands Wrists Pro




Order information


To build a complete prosthetic using the Motion Control ProHand Plus, six components must be selected:
. Hand unit     2. Wrist     3. Socket attachment     4. Preamp or other input     5. Battery     6. Computer interface



F order info ProHand Plus hand with glove


 F order info ProHand Plus wrists


F order info ProHand Plus Socket attachments


F order info ProETD Plus Preamps alternat


F order info ProETD Plus Battery


  Must be installed if you replace an Otto Bock hand/ hook and use Otto Bock components (battery and electrodes)

 F order info ProETD Plus Computer interface


PRODUCT SHEET: pdfProHand Plus Spare Parts & Accessories.pdf