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Fillauer's Passive Hands for women put a premium on natural, realistic appearance for patients who desire a complete body image. Our hands feature flexible fingers and durable lightweight construction. Fillauer’s cosmetic gloves comes in our Natural Definition color series, and takes the prosthetic cosmetic glove to the next level. Using a dual layer PVC with added fibers and airbrush technique the glove will show a deeper definition and a more natural look. Available in a red and yellow scale with eight colors in each scale, a total of 16 skin colors covering most skin tones. The glove is treated with a Micro Coated surface making it more durable and stain resistible compared to a standard PVC glove. Making sure we take our responsibility towards the environment and a sustainable future, the PVC used is free from all heavy metals and phthalates which gives you a skin friendly and fully recyclable product.



-    Airbrushed dual layer PVC with fibers for natural definition
     Skin friendly
-    Micro Coated for durability, easy cleaning and
     low friction 
     against clothing
-    Recyclable - Free from all heavy metals and phthalates


-    This product has a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects      


For your convenience we made the Natural Definition Guide to help determine which color to choose for your patient.
The Guide consists of two different scales, R and Y (Red and Yellow). Each one has 8 different colors to choose from to cover most skin tones.


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 PRODUCT SHEET: pdfFemale Gloves.pdf

PRODUCT SHEET: pdfFemale Passive Hands.pdf


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